About Darren Kessler

Darren’s Story

Darren knows what’s it like to be fat. He was once in the TAF club (the TAF club is for overweight kids) in his Secondary School Days. In Secondary 1, he was put into a class whereby everyone in the class was in the TAF club. His class was singled out to do morning runs while the other students read books during morning assembly.

Darren knows what’s it like to have family members who are overweight and in poor health. Environment affects you. Genetics affects you. He has had loved ones pass away before their time because of health issues. His attitude to being overweight can be summed up: “It’s an emergency!

Darren knows what’s it like to work a stressful corporate job and not have time for health. Unlike some trainers who have never worked a day in a corporate environment, he spent a few years working in it. Even during those years, he achieved abs and a strong body. The stiffness, the stress, and the hours of corporate life are a relatable experience.

Yet, he knows how to create programs that still deliver safe RESULTS despite these circumstances.

Certified by National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) and International Sports Science Association (ISSA), Darren has been working out in the gym since 16 years old. He is passionate in Health & Fitness.

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**Not a Doctor or a Dietician. The information Darren shares on this website is his advice and experience living the fit life and doing his own research for over the past decade. It is not medical advice.