Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Exercise Therapy – All In One

As a Certified Elite Personal Trainer, Darren Kessler is able to give results-based coaching for Fat Loss and Muscle Building. He also provides Online Coaching. Having a certified background in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Exercise Therapy means that Darren can guide you to have:

Effective Workouts

As a Personal Trainer, Darren focuses on functional fitness, and compound movements. It is not a bodybuilding routine! His training methodology uses compassionate progressive overload and is tailored to the individual. For beginners, nothing too heavy. He focuses on form – do the exercises slow and controlled.

A Great Diet

As a Nutrition Coach, Darren teaches clients the lifelong skill of estimating calories. He encourages clients to take photos of their meals and send them in to him! He teaches through discussion. Judgement free.

Muscle Balance and Injury Prevention/Rehab

As a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Darren and his workouts can help you with your posture and work the neglected muscle groups. Do you know what are the Lower Traps, Glute Medius, and Rotator Cuff Muscles? Also, if you have any past exercise related issues, he will work with you through it.

Darren believes that both exercise and a great diet must go hand in hand. As you workout with him, you will get both safe, effective, and balanced workouts, which do not neglect any muscle groups, and a working diet for yourself.

Prices for In-Person Sessions : $100 – $140

Prices for Online Coaching: $100

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