Are Carbs The Enemy?

So, *Drum Roll* the million dollar question, are carbs the enemy?


This article debunks the myth of carbs being the enemy. Do read on.

For some people, carbs are the enemy. However, this only makes sense if you have certain medical conditions. For the vast majority of people, carbs are not the enemy to weight loss.

Let me explain.

Cutting carbs in this article would mean cutting carb rich sources of food such as rice, pasta, and bread and not carbs such as broccoli, spinach, etc.

Additionally, it is close to impossible to cut carbs 100% as lots of food has trace amounts of carbohydrates.

There is a myth that if you cut carbs, you will lose weight. LIES!! From a weight loss perspective, it is not so simple.

I can guarantee you that one can cut carbs from their diet and still gain weight. In fact, it is simple! One could just gorge themselves on peanut butter or almond. These are low carb and high fat food and very calorie dense.

So why might you have seen or heard of a friend who claims that cutting carbs worked for them? Simple.

During the diet, he or she consumed fewer calories than his or her maintenance amount.

He or she inadvertently stumbled upon the secret of weight loss and misattributed the weight loss to the cutting of carbs. When in fact, it was the fewer calories that caused the weight loss!

But do not get me wrong, cutting carbs can work. But it works because of another mechanism. This mechanism is consuming fewer calories than his or her maintenance amount.

For smart weight loss, shouldn’t understanding the mechanism be vital?

There is tangible benefit to understanding the mechanism behind the diet rather than just simply following the diet!!

For example,

1. A possible benefit of knowing that carbs are not the enemy is that one can enjoy quick release or sustained release carbohydrate sources to help with his or her workout.

Carbohydrates gives the muscle glycogen and Carbs are an easier digesting fuel for the body to use readily.

2. If one knows that carbs are not the enemy, one can get his or her calories through monetarily cheaper sources. It is cheaper to get your calories through bread rather than avocado or almond.

3. More diverse food choice. Carbs are no longer off the menu!

In conclusion, I hope that the reader realizes that CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY and that understanding the reasons of why a certain diet works might actually give them tangible benefits.

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