One Step At A Time

If you are a person who wants a fitter body but might not be ready to put in the work, this article is for you!

I understand you. I once did not want to or love exercise as much. I knew that I wanted a six-pack body, good posture and better shoulders.

Yet, I knew that to achieve the body I wanted, I would need to at least workout at the gym 3 times a week and watch my diet. This was too much for me at the time.

Working out that often required too much. Too much time. Too much energy. I felt that I could only bring myself to climb staircases and go to the fitness corner once in a while. Maybe gym once a week.

But what is the point!? That little exercise would not get me in the shape I wanted! It would be futile. And so, I dragged my feet…

But this is folly! A HUGE MISTAKE! The mistake here is that you put too much expectation on yourself! You ask too much from yourself!

You see, if exercising 3 times a week costs your body – for example 80 effort points and you are only willing to give 30 effort points, then what?

*Note: Effort points here is basically how much willpower you have to exert for it to happen. It is my belief that everyone has a limited amount of willpower in a day.*

In that case, are you screwed!? You will never get the body you want!?


You just have to take it one step at a time. This seems common knowledge. But it is rarely practiced. I guess it is rarely practiced because people, who are smart mind you, are logical. They see that it will result in failure and thus do not do it.

I understand where they are coming from. This only seems wise right?

And that above train of thought is almost correct! If you need to put in 80 effort points to succeed and you can only put in 30 effort points. Failure is assured. Then what?

Well, it forgets something!

A crucial thing!

It forgets that what you do as a habit becomes easier for you! So, for the first 3 months, you exercise at the gym once a week. Your effort level is 30 points. That is all you can give right now.

But in the next, 3 months, it gets easier. Once a week gyming is 15 effort points now. It doesn’t take as much of a toll on you. Both physically, as you get stronger, and psychologically, it is becoming a habit!

In another 6 months, gyming once a week might only take 5 effort points for you.

Why? You now know the fastest routes to the gym – travelling there is easier, you know the best foods to eat – you look forward to something post workout, and you have friends at the gym.

You enjoy working out more or, for some of you, you hate working out less!

Now that working out once a week is only 5 effort points, you can choose to workout twice a week. It is once again not asking much from yourself. Again, you might have to put in more effort, back to the 30 effort points level.

But at 30 effort points, it’s not a gigantic willpower effort now is it?

At two workouts a week, maybe you like the changes you see. After another 6 months, you really value working out more. You are also stronger.

You are more comfortable at the gym. Your friends and family encourage you and you notice good results.

What you tell yourself about exercise is also different. Your internal monologue is different! Your attitude to exercise has very likely also changed.

In actual fact, in the 1 year of exercise, you have changed as a person – both psychologically and physically!

Say your name is Nigel, Nigel 1 year ago could not do it, he could not workout 3 times a week. But the present Nigel, what about him? He definitely could!

Giving that time, energy, and effort isn’t such a big deal to him! It’s not a huge act of willpower. He values exercise more. His perception has changed. He is in actual fact a new person in regards to fitness!

Do you see now? This is change psychology. You may not be able to do something right now. But just doing what you can and building good habits is the key!

In conclusion, do what you can right now! Even if you can only bring yourself to go for a walk or go to the gym once a week. That is good! Fitness IQ +2!

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