Eat That Donut

This write-up will be a short one.

Many of my readers crave certain foods. Craving food is normal.

Yet, some of them crave food and obsess over it. If it has become an obsession, then do something about it!

Yes, I do advocate being tough on yourself. But not overly so!

If you walk by a certain food but are on a diet and feel like eating it, don’t! Likely, the craving will go away after a few minutes when you think of other things.

But if the food stays on your mind for hours, and you have been doing good with your diet the past few days. Then, plan to eat that food you want!

Notice, I say plan to eat it. This is because if the food is a craving and you just eat it without a plan, you might not be satisfied.

What does the plan consist of?

Well, it depends. But the idea is to make sure you are satisfied when you eat the food. Key word: Satisfied.

If it is a dessert, don’t just eat the dessert without a proper meal at a random timing in the day. Drink some water, have a healthy main course with protein and fruits and vegetables, and then eat that dessert! Eat it at a regular meal timing.

This way, you feel full and feel that the meal was very satisfying!

If it is a fried chicken, okay the protein is there. Now what? Well again, make sure to drink water before the meal. Eat those fruits and vegetables with it.

If it is a biscuit or potato chips you crave, eat less carbs in the meal and replace that missing carbs with the biscuit or chips!

In this way, you are always prepared. When you crave something, you might want to overeat it. But by doing it as per the above, you make sure that you will be satisfied with the craving and stop there.

This advice especially applies when you are about to go out with friends or family and expect there to be tempting food.

A few times, when I am unprepared, I ate some donuts at random timings. Those donuts triggered hunger for me, they acted as an appetizer. Instead of just eating 1 or 2 donuts, I ate 3 or 4.

Worst, since they were so easily edible, I still was not fully satisfied. I still wanted to eat my normal meal a few hours later. Where did that leave me?


Eat the foods you truly crave but make sure it is a true craving and not a passing craving. And when you do eat those foods, plan!

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