How to lose your Beer Belly (KTV Edition)

**For those of you not in Singapore, a KTV is a place whereby you Sing Karaoke, Drink Alcohol, and for some KTVs, do sexual activities.**


Beer Bellies, KTVs, and Singapore. These 3 words almost always come in a sweet package. And now, Covid!

Okay okay. Ignore that last one for this article!

If you were to go to a KTV, especially in Singapore, you would surely see a beer belly or two.

And, why is this the case?

Well, Beer makes you FAT! An average can of beer is about 150 calories. Most people drink 3-4 Cans of beer at the KTV. For some, even more.

These calories are likely to push you way over maintenance calories!

Further, these drinks are often accompanied by chips, nuts, and other high-calorie snacks.

So much calories, so little time.


So, how to lose the fat!?

  1. Understand that Beer Belly Fat is NOT SPECIAL FAT.

What is Beer Belly Fat? It is largely visceral fat in the midsection. It can and will be lost through a Caloric Deficit.

2. If you want to lose the fat, STOP ADDING MORE FAT.

Reduce the alcohol! Drink half of the beer! Drink water before going into the KTV, and then, for every cup of beer, drink one glass of water.

The advice in this article also works for bars and other nightspots!

3. Move more!

Exercise more outside the KTV. Or better still, DANCE. Yes! Dance as you sing! More FUN, Fewer Calories.

4. Dont snack at the KTV.

If you can, don’t have any snacks with the beer that you are having. Go to the KTV after you have dinner, this way you will be less hungry and tempted.

A handful of nuts can be over 100 calories!

5. Spend the same amount at the KTV.

The hostesses pressure you to drink and snack, I get it. But really, they just want you to spend. What if, instead of spending on unnecessary calories, you spend it away on tips?

They will love you even more!

They are happy, you are happy (because you had fewer calories), win-win!

6. Mitigate Calorie Disasters.

Okay, say for some reason, despite hearing the above, you know you cannot follow my advice. You know that you need to have your beer and snacks. You have to have it. Okay. Then what?

Mitigate the damage.

See, beer and snacks are largely carbs and fat. So, reduce your carbs and fats throughout the rest of the day or the days to come.

Eat mostly protein, and lower calorie fruits and vegetables throughout the rest of the day. This way, you will “sort-of” have a more balanced macro nutrient profile for the day.

7. White Lie.

What if it’s not you that wants to indulge? What if it’s peer pressure that causes you to indulge?

Then, white lie! Prepare an excuse to guard yourself!

Say you have an important meeting the next morning, or are on medication, or have a blood test you need to do. Come on! Think out of the KTV box here 😉


Just as One KTV session did not make you a Singing Sensation, it will take time to lose the Beer Belly.

Change some small habits and stick to it – Your future self will thank you. Also, being a healthy weight helps you sing better. Enjoy your healthy Karaoke sessions!

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