Staying Fit Is Not As Difficult

This article explains why staying fit is not as difficult as you think!

In short, the answer is: Muscle Memory

Muscle memory in the fitness world refers to the ability to regain muscle or fitness, after a period of detraining -> Easier than the first time it took to reach that level in the first place! Easier!

Thank God for Muscle Memory! All of us have muscle memory to various extents. With muscle memory, it means that one who was fit before is easier to become fit again.

For example:

Exhibit A: Fit Felipe used to play sports and compete in kick boxing in his university days. He had a six-pack, and muscle back then. He went to the gym regularly.

However, its been 10 years since his glory days. He now works a corporate job and only finds time to jog once a week.

Exhibit B: Sedentary Sam was a lead singer in his university days. He never once had a fit body. His idea of exercise was walking a few bus stops away or playing occasional sports with his friends.

It has been 10 years since he last sang in a competition. He now works a corporate job and only finds time to jog once a week.

Eureka! Inspiration hits Felipe and Sam. The Covid era has reminded them of the importance of health. Time to get fit! And so, the 2 start exercising regularly.

We are talking 3-4 times a week. 1-2 sessions of cardio and 2 sessions of gym workouts.

What happens in 6 months? It is very likely that Felipe will be fitter than Sam! Just like riding a bicycle, when Felipe steps back in the gym, his body knows the movements he has to do.

His body does not have to relearn the muscle movements as much as Sam who starts from scratch. Thus, Felipe’s workouts give Felipe a better stimulus at the gym.

Next, Felipe’s muscles is primed for growth. To put it simply, Felipe’s muscles and physiology had undergone long-lasting effects from the time that he was fit.

His muscle fibers may have shrunk back to normal size but the extra muscle nuclei that he grew back in his university days, some of it, is still there!

Therefore, the rebuilding process is faster! Further, Felipe is able to move better at the gym compared to Sam because of his past experience. This gives Felipe a better stimulus.

Next, his muscles do not have to go through the complete muscle building process again as he has more nuclei!


So what can we learn from this?

1) The benefits of exercise is long-lasting.

2) Because the benefits of exercise is long-lasting, we should exercise even if we think we are unable to keep up with a regular exercise program. For example, you are going to travel for a very long, busy, and intense business trip in 2 months time. Should you start exercising now?

Yes! Even if the business trip sets you back to square one, the progress that you make in these 2 months will come back to you faster the next time round. Exercise is never lost!

So get out there and exercise regularly!

Fitness IQ+1!

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