The Truth Of Instagram

Instagram and other forms of social media are more prevalent in today’s modern world. They showcase one’s ideal lifestyle. They showcase one’s best looks.

But lately, more and more of it is becoming fake. It is show casing even more than one’s best look, it goes even further than that now. From one’s best looks or lifestyle to one’s falsely enhanced image.

I have nothing against modifying your own photos for your own pleasure or doing a slight enhancement of the photo. However, I feel the line should be drawn when the image is totally unrealistic or when the image is used to deceive (when it comes to the fitness industry).

When someone sees the photo of you on Instagram but that same someone does not recognize you if he or she walks pass you on the street, there is where it all goes wrong!

Not sure of what kind of photos I speak of? Have a look at the links below!

For example:


It is photos like those found in the above link that sometimes give people UNREALISTIC body expectations. Body Dysmorphia and Anorexia are linked to unrealistic expectations and the rise of social media!

Now, those are photos with quite a high amount of photo shop editing. What about if we just played with lighting and angles?

Below are two pictures of me, taken seconds apart.

Notice the different effects of the different lighting. Already it seems that the one on the left is leaner. Further, these two photos were taken with a simple switch of lighting in my room.

What more would the difference be if filters or if experts on lighting came into the picture?

Next, add in different poses/postures – one where I push out my stomach and adopt as poor a posture as possible and one where I flex my muscles and do 50 push ups before hand.

Do you see the drastic difference!?

These two pictures were taken about 5 minutes apart!

In conclusion, I hope that the reader learns that not all that you see on social media is real and to keep a discerning eye out so that you have realistic expectations and a healthy psychology.

Do not be fooled!

Once again, thank you for reading and keep increasing that fitness IQ!

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