Steroids And The Use Of PEDs

The usage of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) is increasingly common in the fitness industry. For example, I have overheard fellow gym goers talking about using PEDs more than once.

To start off this article, let me make it clear that I am against the use of PEDs for my clients and myself.

There are many adverse effects to the usage of PEDs, some of which include, acne, infertility, aggression, high blood pressure, liver damage, and even death. So why do people still use and abuse it?

Well, PEDs do have benefits too, some of which include, enabling one to build more muscle, lose more fat, and have better recovery and strength for your workouts.

It is because of these properties that one might be tempted to use PEDs. However, is it worth it? To me, the answer is NO!

Yet, there are some who choose to take these PEDs. Even worst, some choose to take PEDs and claim that they are “Natural”. Natural in this case meaning that they do not take any PEDs.

These “Fake Naturals” as I would call them then go on to make FALSE claims and spread wrong information to the average person – YOU! The Reader!

What do I mean?

Fake Naturals might claim that your workout is not effective! They might claim that you could actually get your desired results sooner. This causes the uninformed to be set back!

For example, maybe you want to gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat. A fake natural might claim that this can be done in 3 months.

THIS IS UNREALISTIC! Because of people like them, you might change your program that is actually working for you to their program which gives these fake claims.

Then, their program is actually less effective for you than your original program or worst, it actually sets you back!

You see, these programs were written by someone who lifts weights with the aid of PEDs. What works for them might not work for you.

Next, because of Fake Naturals, they set unrealistic standards. If a newbie, who wants to bulk, gains 4kg after 3 months of training, that is a good result!

However, because of fake naturals setting unrealistic standards, the newbie might be discouraged in the result and say to his or herself “Weight Lifting is not for me.”

Or worst, the newbie might be tempted to do a more aggressive weight lifting regimen to gain the muscle that he or she thinks is possible; only to result in injury!

Unfortunately, there are countless of these Fake Naturals in the fitness world. Information has to be sifted through carefully.

I hope that the reader takes some time to discern the information that they are reading and not follow any advice blindly.

So what is good and accurate information?

At, we aim to give accurate information that works for the natural person – also known as one who does not take PEDs. So stay with us and read more of our articles and increase your Fitness IQ!

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