#MoveMore #EatLess

Yup, that’s the minister in blue!

Anyway, have you seen these hashtags floating around in social media? I find them interesting! They are going around as fitness advice.

Move More. Eat Less. If understood correctly, it’s actually great weight-loss advice!

If I had to summarize weight-loss into 4 words. Those words would be it!


Well, they address the two most fundamental components of weight-loss!

Elaboration is necessary if we want to be precise though. But even as it is, most people will not screw up this advice too badly. I think. I hope. *Gulp*

There are some who criticize this advice as being too vague.

Now that I think about it, they may actually have a point. So, allow me to elaborate on moving more and eating less!

Moving more means to exercise more. Yet, this increase in exercise must be done safely. Sometimes, people forget out about safety.

A safe increase in exercise means not increasing your exercise amount drastically. Do it gradually – add in one more exercise session a week at first and then up it from there.

Do safe exercises that promote a balanced body and healthy posture (Check out my dedicated section on posture, I can help you with it: Posture – Lean. Fit. You.).

Do exercises that your body can handle – not something too difficult.

Ideally, do exercises that you enjoy and build good habits.

Eat less. Now this one is slightly tricky, we don’t want to just eat less. That can be too generic. What we want to do is eat fewer calories.

Ah! Now this is much better. Way more precise! Why? Because eating less could mean so many things,

Eating less could mean not eating any carbs, or it could mean skipping meals. We generally don’t want that. We want a balanced diet that has slightly lower calories than maintenance.

And that’s it!

Four words to live by on your health and fitness journey.

Need help with your diet (counting calories, protein intake, health), posture, or exercising safely? Look no further. Contact me using the Contact option and I can guide you on your fitness journey.

Fitness IQ+2!

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