Suck In Your Gut No Longer!

You just had a big meal, you feel bloated.

Shy about your stomach, you suck in the stomach for the next two hours after the meal.

You go shopping, the clothes you like do not fit you well. It is too tight in certain areas.

You compromise and get another set of clothes. But it’s not as nice.

At the beach, you feel conscious of being in your swim wear.

You would rather hold off on swimming and tanning than be seen without a t-shirt.

When it comes to attracting a partner, you feel not as confident.

But this is WRONG!

You should not feel bad. Your body shape reflects your lifestyle choices. Who are others to judge?

You should always feel confident in any body shape you have. Look, I would benefit from telling you to feel bad. I sell fitness. But I won’t do that.

Everyone deserves to be confident with the body they have.

Never feel bad about what others think of your body!

But what if? What if you do not feel bad because of others?

What if? There is a tiny voice inside of you calling you to be healthier?

If you have this tiny voice inside of you, then listen to it! Do fitness for yourself. For You. You and You alone.

When the drive to fitness and health comes from within, we start on the right foot!

If the voice inside of you is truly happy with your body, AWESOME!

If the voice inside of you does not appreciate conventional society standards of beauty and does not want that for yourself(six-pack or hour-glass or slim figures), FREAKING GREAT!

You do you! And never let anyone tell you otherwise!

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