Love Yourself

In today’s fast-paced world, when do we take the time to care for ourselves?

Many of us do not look after ourselves. We rush from place to place, appointment to appointment.

If we dropped dead at work, our co-workers mourn for a few weeks, but ultimately, the company simply hires a replacement and life goes on.

Who pays the price? You and your loved ones.

All this flurry, and for what? Really, ask yourselves this.

Somewhere in your mind, you might say it’s for a better future. But is it really? This is a lie you tell yourself.

If you moved into a bigger house, a better car, how much more happy would you and your family be?

On the other hand, if you lived a healthier life, 10-20 years from now, how much more happy would you and your family be?

A healthier body in 20 years or a bigger house in 20 years? Both give you an increased quality of life. It is a choice you make. Nevertheless, I give you a thought experiment below to help you decide.

Yet, I do not want to highlight the extremes. I do not want to write clichés. Of course, pursuing both in balance is wisest, but this article is for those who lean to one side.

So, I will not examine the scenario whereby you achieve the monetary goals you wanted but lose your health. I.e. get a stroke or heart attack (and your family has to look after you) through the stress of chasing after money.

Let’s draw a thinner line. Let’s not work in extremes.

What about this scenario?

In 20 years, say, you lose 10% of your muscle mass and you gain 10kg of fat. Not realistic? Think again.

A sedentary life can definitely cause the above.

First, I provide evidence of losing about 3-5% muscle mass per decade after 30, please check out this link for the evidence: Preserve your muscle mass – Harvard Health

2nd, gaining 10kg of fat in 20 years is only 0.5kg of fat a year. A very possible figure, I hope no one argues with me here.

My above proposed scenario is realistic.

Further, the scenario is already generous, it assumes that you do not get permanent health conditions during the 20 years of sedentary lifestyle – this is for those of you who might say I will pick up my health and more after 20 years.

But, what if you broke a bone after you trip and fall? Your bones were weaker during the 20 years (Active lifestyles keep your bones dense).

What if you had to undergo permanent health altering operations or take some serious medication? You cannot just bounce back from that.

A Sedentary lifestyle also may affect your brain health. Please see this study: Changing the Brain: The Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle – NICABM

Can your brain be as sharp as if you had exercised regularly throughout the 20 years, if you pick up exercise later in life? Most likely, No!

Now, back to the scenario.

You have 10% less muscle mass and 10kg more fat. What’s your quality of life? Don’t wonder.

You can easily put this to the test actually. Weighted vests do exist right? We can simulate what 10kg of fat would feel like. Simple.

Wear a 10kg weighted vest on your body all day. How do you think you would feel?

*Hint* Let me tell you, wearing a 10kg weighted vest for one hour is already tough! Even for me.

Further, this 10kg of extra fat is being carried by your body of today! Imagine, if your older and weaker self 20 years from now has to carry it?

So, think about this. Which is a higher quality of life? Living in a bigger better house, and lugging this 10kg around all the time, or living in a smaller house and having a healthier body? You decide.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can choose a balanced path. And to do that, start today!

Choose to live a less stressful life, choose to move more, and eat healthier food. Your future self thanks you.

If you are struggling to change your habits and lifestyle, I have written many articles on change psychology (why we are stuck in our ways), fat loss, and muscle-building. Do read them.

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