Personal Training In Singapore (Considering a Personal Trainer)

Hi Everyone,

**This post is about Personal Training in Singapore. However, it can definitely also apply to other countries around the world.**

If you are considering hiring a Personal Trainer, this post is for you!

These are some of the basic considerations you should look out for:

1) Are You Ready To Change?

Surprise, surprise! Yes! The most important factor when it comes to looking for a personal trainer is you, yourself, the person in the mirror! Not the personal trainer.

Are you ready to make a possible much-needed lifestyle change?

Personal Trainers facilitate change. We cannot work miracles.

Are you willing to make a change to your lifestyle and try different things? Do not hire a personal trainer and put all the burden of execution on him/her.

The 1-hour workout a few times a week cannot solve your terrible diet 16 hours a day.

If you have your preconceived notions that you are not willing to question about nutrition, you are going to be a low probability of success case.

Your mindset when looking for a personal trainer should be – Who can I learn from? Who can help me change?

2. Certifications

Ask your would-be Personal Trainer to show you his/her certifications.

Then, do your due diligence and check whether the organization that issued the certifications is reputable – Visit their website, and read about their brand for a short while. Generally, a simple 5-10 minute search will give a better picture.

No, Sherlock! You are not going full private investigator here. You just want to scan for any obvious shady stuff. Just double-check that the organization exists, has a fully functioning website, and looks professional.

Most certifications are legit. A good personal trainer does not need to have a certain specific certification but he/she does need to in fact have a certification.

3. Testimonials

Be it before/after photos or testimonials written by their previous clients. Do they have them?

4. Personality

During the trial, do you two click? Can you see yourself talking to him/her for an hour or 3 every week? You need to enjoy your time with the person.

Personal training is still a relationship. You don’t want to be with someone who has all the knowledge but is boring.

No, you are also not looking for a clown.

You want someone who has knowledge and can click with you.

Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is important! That’s why I placed certifications as the first few things to look out for. But another important factor is client enthusiasm!

Your enthusiasm working with the personal trainer is a HUGE HUGE factor.

Ask yourself, would you rather train with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (say he took a few legit PT courses) or a clinical Personal Trainer who bores you to death for the full session.

The answer should be obvious: “The Rock”!

Will you follow the boring personal trainer’s diet advice? Will you push hard in the sets? Will you even turn up when the going gets tough?

You are not a robot, your emotions play a big part in Personal Training even if you would like to think otherwise.

As long as “The Rock” gives you a reasonable program, keeps you safe, he will deliver better results than someone who gives you the best program but cannot inspire you.

5. Background

When you find out your personal trainer’s name, google their name and see if anything comes up. For the worst personal trainers, there might be people complaining about them online. Easy bullet dodged for you.

Next, we have another point about background, besides you finding out about the Personal Trainer, did the Personal Trainer conduct Fact Finding on you? It is a 2-way street.

Did the Personal Trainer ask about your previous health history, and health goals? Did the Personal Trainer bother to find out about your current health and fitness habits?

If not, this is a HUGE red flag!

The Personal Trainer absolutely needs to know this so that he/she can give you a personalized program.

After hearing your goals, the Personal Trainer should be able to give you a rough idea of how he/she can help you achieve the goals.

6. Admiration/Respect

Does the Personal Trainer look like he/she works out? If not, do they have a valid reason, say injury or illness?

I’m not knocking unfit trainers. There can be unfit trainers who know their stuff. Of course. But the probability is higher that an unfit trainer is a bad trainer.

If the trainer is willingly unfit, it is a question mark on their motivation levels. Where is the love and passion? If they can’t even motivate themselves, how will they motivate you?

Further, Personal Training can be a very life changing and growing experience. You will need to likely make many changes. You have to admire and respect your personal trainer. If you don’t, his advice will not sit as well with you, even if only at an unconscious level.

You want everything to go as smoothly as possible. You want to set up for the highest probability of success. Thus, you need to follow your trainer’s advice. This is so important!

7. Price

Price is also a consideration. You want to make sure you can afford the service and are not paying too much for the quality of that personal trainer.

However, of course, I need to say that you get what you pay for and that no price is too great for your health – as I’m a biased Personal Trainer writing this article. Ha!

But for real though, the below is a general guideline as of 2021 for Personal Training in Singapore.

Most Basic Personal Trainers in Singapore charge about $80-$100 per session. You get charged closer to $100 if you take a small package and $80 if you take a larger package.

For Personal Trainers who are situated in prime locations, or work with specialized services, or are more experienced/certified such as myself (I am a Sports Nutritionist, Specialist in Exercise Therapy, and Personal Trainer all rolled into one), $100-$150 per session.

For Celebrity Personal Trainers, prices of $200 per session or more is not unheard of.


These are the 7 factors I believe you should look out for when choosing a Personal Trainer. I hope that you find the best suited Personal Trainer for yourself, even if it is not me.

However, if you are considering getting me as your Personal Trainer, do contact me using the “Contact” option at the top of the page.

Hope to hear from you and all the best in your Personal Training Journey!

A part 2 to this article has been written! Check it out here: Personal Training In Singapore Pt.2 (Good Trainer OR Bad?)

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